Hiking on the Rogue

We have gone inland.  After all the rain on the coast last year and after several wonderful days on the coast this year we decided not to push our luck… so hope to take advantage of this being a bit milder year, and heading inland for sunshine and different adventures.

First stop, Grants Pass. A city along the Rogue River, where we have some friends who also used to live in Bandon.  It is always harder camping in the cities.  The  RV parks are much more crowded, and we find there is much less to do than in the rural areas.

Fortunately our friends took us hiking down the Rogue river, on the river trail.


Turns out it is a part of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT),  and actually follows the Rogue River all the way down to Gold Beach.



It is a very interesting river, I believe because of its depth, and the fact that much of the river is only accessible by boat, so quite rugged.

imageWith the depth, boats can travel the entire length from Grants Pass to the ocean. People also float down on rafts. You cannot go down the river without a permit though, they limit the numbers to protect the wilderness.

I thought this was interesting, amazing how high floods can go in a narrow valley. I guess the water has to go somewhere…..UP



We only did 3 miles down the trail, but it was a treat to hike along a small part of the pacific crest trail



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