Our first day back in Nevada desert…

We have spent our first night out in the desert. What a great day. We are just south of Fernley NV, and our rockhounding book suggested one area, which we did not immediately find, but still found lots of cool rocks, then we resorted to our gps and found more. My theory is that the guy that writes the book has a 4×4 and drives to all the spots, so that those of us who wander further find all the stuff no one else finds 🙂


There is a joke in Canada that from the prairies you can watch your dog run away for days, well we can keep an eye on our motorhome for MILES.

It was down to -3 Celsius (26 Fahrenheit ) last night, and we were warm as toast. (it was 15 celsius  (59 Fahrenheit) in the day).  This was an issue last year, as we were afraid we would freeze up overnight without electricity. This year we have our solar panels charging up our (house) batteries during the day, so at night the batteries  run the furnace fan and the LED lights.(propane runs the furnace). So as long as we are conservative with our water, we can be pretty self sufficient for several days.

We are parked about half a mile off the highway, on BLM land.  We have a lovely view in every direction, sunrise , sunset and everything in between.



We are also taking advantage of the sun during the day and charging all of our chargers.  We need to keep all our devices charged, IPAD for gps, maps and weather. Computer to write this…… etc.


We are currently watching the weather it is supposed to drop down to -6 in 2 days and we are not wanting to try camping that low. SOOOO we must either go south or to a lower elevation then.

So we really are alone out here…. well except for the wild horses, which seem to be plentiful here…. there is horsepoop EVERYwhere.  A gardeners dream. I am sure if it ever rained here it would be a great place to grow things.

So we are warm and dry and have I mentioned that I LOVE THE NEW STOVE.IMG_2189

Hard to believe that it is almost 2 weeks since we left home. We had a brake problem that presented itself  at 4 pm on the day before thanksgiving. We found out black friday that there was nothing going to be open until Monday, and then Monday, no one had an appointment free. So we left Eugene Wednesday and now it is Friday. We have thus far had a pipe burst at the beginning, then a leak from the new roof, which Ken has fixed and then the brakes. So we figure things go in threes so we should be good for here on..


Oh and there was this guy on a motorized glider who kept going by….

Much Love



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